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It is located in a quiet residential area, but it is quiet in the evening. We can also go to supermarket and convenience store in 3 minutes on foot, so we recommend it for those who stay longer. ※ It is 30 minutes by car from the airport.

無線LAN・Wi-Fi完備。無料インターネットPCもあります。 Wi-Fi(無線LAN)は1階ロビーと食堂スペースは電波が強く安定しています。客室では電波が弱い場合がありますので、予めご了承ください
Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) is strong on the 1st floor lobby and dining room space, the radio waves are strong and stable. Please understand beforehand that the radio waves may be weak in the guest room.


洋室 26部屋
和室 2部屋
駐車場 11台

石垣島ホテル アダン


Please feel free to contact us
TEL 0980-82-7558
FAX 0980-83-0855